I believe that you have the capacity for greatness with the right support and resources. You can learn ways to improve your situation and relationships to get the most out of life. My faith in the healing process is strengthened each time I see a woman happy, healthy and reconnected to her power and purpose after enduring what seems like a lifetime of pain. You can learn how to stay strong when you are challenged the most. 

I am originally from Las Vegas, Nevada and moved to Denver in 2007 for graduate school. I love Colorado and have been happy to call it my home for the past 9 years. My husband and I enjoy traveling internationally to explore different cultures and to have new adventures together. We hope to pass on the love of travel to our toddler. We recently moved to the mountains and are loving being more connected with nature and small town life. 

Here's what you may want to know about my credentials and experience:

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). (See below for more information on what LCSW means). I continue to keep up with the latest research and seek continuous learning opportunities each year to remain updated and competent in an ever changing field. 

I have been providing therapy for over 10 years. Over the years I have gained experience in working with a variety of people across many different cultural backgrounds and all age groups. I have helped people with various relationship/family issues, life stressors, adjustments, and struggles with mood. I am passionate about making the world a better place with one positive interaction at a time. I am honored to be a part of people's lives during their most difficult challenges. I believe we are all equal and that any person from any walk of life could find themselves sitting in the seat across from a therapist. My goal is to make it as comfortable as possible for any person walking through my door. 



University of Denver Graduate School for Social Work (Master's of Social Work, 2008). In graduate school, I specialized in a trauma response and recovery certificate program and received clinical experience in working with all ages through the family therapy clinical program. I gained experience in working with individuals and couples/ families.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Bachelor's of Social Work 2007)

Completed EMDR Basic Trainings in October 2014 through HAP. I have advanced experience in offering EMDR as I continue to attend additional and more specific trainings and have hundreds of hours of experience in providing EMDR therapy. See the "EMDR therapy" tab under "Services" for more information on what this is.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Colorado since 2011, which requires the following: Master's degree in social work from an accredited school, passing the Clinical level ASWB exam, completing two or more years, 3360 hours post degree supervised experience with at least 96 hours of supervision, and completion of continuing education/ competency requirements.


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