Who has time to drive across town in the middle of the work day to get to a therapy appointment? Or find childcare or transportation in the midst of a crazy time? Feel like you just can't get the support you need because of the logistics? Now you can!

You don't need to limit your therapy to someone that may know a little about what specific issue you're dealing with just because their location is convenient to you. This is the beauty of online therapy (teletherapy).

We can meet by live video or phone to have your session from anywhere! Meet with me in the privacy of your parked car on your phone or tablet. Meet with me from your office during your lunch break or the other room of your house while your newborn babies are napping. 

It's like Skype or FaceTime, except we will use a secure medical site to make sure that your privacy is protected from hackers or unwanted listeners.

There are a few different secure sites I use. https://doxy.me/exploringinnerpeace is my main virtual waiting room that does not require any downloaded software for you to use. Regroup Connect is another site we can use that will have you download the Zoom app, but if we schedule through this then you will receive an email with the necessary download link and specific pin for our meeting time. 

Maybe you would rather EMAIL a therapist for advice or to check in or vent about what is going on? You can select the EMAIL/TEXT package that includes 1 email or text response each day Monday-Friday (holidays or specified vacation dates excluded). This option is at the lowest cost of $50 weekly and does NOT include any additional video, phone or in person appointments.